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"Bird's Eye View of Sioux Camp at Pine Ridge, South Dakota". Creative Commons (Wikipedia). From USA Military Archives.

On Sunday, March 19th, 2023, 

a Global Grid of Ceremonies offering Apologies to the Original Peoples & their Ancestors took place.

The purpose was to bring Reconciliation

& Healing forward between races.

If you were not able to join the Global Grid on March 19th, then

you are invited to do a ceremony whenever you can. 

This will be recognized on the Spirit Planes in a good way.

This world-wide Unified Field

of ceremonies was requested

by a number of Indigenous Ancestors

from the Spirit Plane, along with Mother Gaia.

It is a project of The Great Mother Love Way.**

"Eight Crow prisoners under guard at Crow agency, Montana, 1887". Wikipedia - Public Domain U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.


I'm sorry is not enough.

Yet, it is a start...


Apology Ceremonies to the

Original Peoples & their Ancestors



As cultures across our Sacred Earth, we have all conquered and been conquered. 

Yet, we are One People sharing this glorious planet. 

These times are the ones of Great Healing - beyond Separation, Imbalance, Injustice & Materialism

- to living as One Humanity.

Ball-play of the Women, Prairie du Chien, by George Catlin -, Public Domain, Wikipedia. 


The Original Peoples of every region of our Sacred Earth

have been treated in horrific ways: massacred or poisoned, lands stolen, treaties broken, forced to attend

reservation schools, women abducted

and abused, or worse.

The sad truth is that much of this is still continuing

today in an ongoing clash of worldviews

and dearth of wisdom and compassion.


In some parts of the world such as Europe, most people

don't remember who the Original Peoples are. However,

the Ancestors are still there on the Spirit Planes.

Gweagal men defending their country from British invasion in 1770. (Illustration from "Australia: the first hundred years", by Andrew Garran, 1886). Creative Commons, Wikipedia.

As part of our Healing, those of us from the dominant

global culture are being called to Apologize ...

And we are also being asked to speak for our Ancestors

for all they have perpetrated from their place

of deep soul-woundedness ...

to Apologize for their actions also.

We are being called to forgive ourselves too,

as we forgive our Ancestors ...

And to Change Our Ways.


"I ask you to look within and ask who you are, what you are doing here and what was here before you. Only then will you be able to forgive yourselves for what you and your ancestors have done. After that, you will be guided to do the right and honorable thing by the indigenous peoples, and we will

all find healing together."

~ Grandfather William Commanda, from "LEARNING from a kindergarten dropout", by Romola Vasantha Thumbadoo

Grandfather William Commanda

Former Band Chief of the Kitigàn-zìbì Anishinàbeg First Nation near Maniwaki, Quebec, and holder of three wampum shell belts including the 1400’s Seven Fires Prophecy Belt. 

(11/11/1913 - 8/3/2011)

Photo: Oceanflynn, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Some Simple Suggestions for How to Join in Ceremony on Sunday, March 19th


• Research who were/are the Original Peoples where you live - regardless of your continent. The Ancestors are still there on the Spirit Plane if the Original Peoples no longer live there. Or focus on Original Peoples from another region. Learn as much about them as possible. Or... you could make a Global Apology to all the Original Peoples & their/our Ancestors.

• Gather in sacred circles or on your own.

• Light a candle and visualize connecting in with the entire Unified Field that is doing ceremony that day, to help weave the Unified Field more powerfully.

• Write an Apology Letter on behalf of you and your ancestors from your heart.

• Burn the Letter, so your words and thoughts can go up into the spirit planes to be received by the Ancestors and their descendants.

• And/Or ... do Ho'oponopono (from the Native peoples of Hawaii):  "I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me/us. Thank you." Adding more details as you are called. 

• Drum ... Sing ... Chant ...

• Close ceremony & blow out candle.

• Apology Ceremonies could be more elaborate as guided, of course.

• (If your ancestry is mixed, please follow your guidance.)

Kágaba – Kogi Woman & Child. Photo: Dwayne Reilander - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0. Creative Commons, Wikipedia

The Native Ancestors guiding this Global Event have requested that if any events within this Unified Field will be asking for compensation, that those funds be donated to an Indigenous led group.


“... it is important to recognize the prophecies that apply to what is happening on Mother Earth today, with all the daunting challenges that we humans are facing.  The

many prophecies that I am aware of say that there will

come a time when the world will need Indigenous ways

and look towards Indigenous people for answers. 

That time is NOW.”  

~ Larry Merculieff, Unungan/Aleut Elder

Global Center for Indigenous Leadership & Lifeways

Some Next Steps to Pursue

After Your Apology Ceremony


  • Honor the ancestral lands where you live. This will be easier in some regions than with others. State this information on your website or email footer, or at any events in which you may be involved. Share with your friends & loved ones

  • Research the treaties between the Original Peoples of your region/state and your Federal Government or individual states/provinces - if any exist.


Daughters of a small community of bushmen living in Namibia.  By Nicolas M. Perrault - Own work, CC0. Creative Commons, Wikipedia.

  • Purchase from Indigenous Owned Companies.

  • Reach out to tribes and reservations and ask the groups led by Native leaders what support they need. Listen to them with humble open hearts and honor their requests to the best of your capabilities. (Remember that they have been made many promises yet very few were kept.)


Grand Entry at the 1983 Omaha Pow-wow. By Dorothy Sarah Lee

Public Domain, Library of Congress (Wikipedia)

  • Learn all that you can about Original Peoples' and Earth-based worldviews and begin to embrace them so we all can come back into Sacred Balance within this beautiful Earth.

  • Get involved in Advocacy work to protect Indigenous Rights.

 •  Consider donating to the groups listed below.


Sámi - By Granbergs Nya Aktiebolag - Old Photography from 1900 -1920, Public Domain. Creative Commons (Wikipedia) 

The ten primary teachings of White Buffalo Calf Woman, Lakota Prophet and

Messenger of Creator/Great Mystery,

White Buffalo Calf Woman

  • Possess “great respect and reverence toward sacred things.”

  • Live as “belonging to one family.”

  • Be “always very faithful to promises.”

  • “Cease hostilities against other nations.”

  • “Administer help to the sick.” 

  • “Comfort others in time of sorrow.”

  • Show “kindness toward every living creature on earth.”

  • “Remember the dead.”

  • “Love your children dearly.” 

  • “Above all, lead pure lives.”


Shared by Lakota statesman, scholar and singer Lone Man (Lakota/Teton Sioux name: Iśna´ la-wića´), 1911. Source 


Kyrgyz Eagle Huntsman. By Si Garb - "Scan from my own 35mm transparency". Public Domain. Creative Commons, Wikipedia. 

**Gaia Mystic and High Priestess Mare Cromwell, of the Great Mother Love Way, received the request to organize this world-wide Unified Field of ceremonies directly from an Indigenous Ancestor in Maryland in September, 2021. This was after she honored several local requests for Apology Ceremonies from Original Peoples' Ancestors in specific locations in Australia & Maryland, 2019 - 2021.


Mare speaks about the story behind this Global Grid on YouTube HERE.

Mare expresses her deepest, deepest Love and Gratitude to the Indigenous Elders in the physical along with the Ancestors on the Spirit Plane who have guided the creation of this Global Grid ... along with Mother Gaia and her councils.


Mother Gaia wishes for her

beloved human two-leggeds to heal our hearts & reconciliate to come back Home to her and

all her Sacred Seen & Unseen Ones

within the Oneness. 

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