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Why Ceremony? 

When we do ceremony from our hearts, it is an auspicious event. 


We as physical beings can be the conduits of beautiful heart-filled energy. We are the ground crew who are doing the work anchoring love energy into our Sacred Earth, so needed at this time. This is especially powerful when we are connected to Mother Gaia’s Heart.


In ceremony, it is important that our intentions be that everything we do supports the Highest Good for Mother’s Divine Plan Alignment – and honors the Sacredness of All. Ceremony done in a good, humble way from the heart truly raises the Luminous Love energetics of the area where we live and this supports everyone.


When we are part of a Global Grid of Ceremonies, the ceremonies throughout the world are woven together spiritually into a Unified Field of profound Luminous Love and healing energies. Mother Gaia is inviting as much of this as we can manifest in these 'adventurous' times of Great Healing!


Simple Ceremony Suggestions on Home Page

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