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About the Feminine

"The Feminine principle and energy is the source of our connection to Love, to Creation, and is the embodiment of a deeply held connection to Nature, 'Mother Gaia'. She is the very fabric of our life. She is the force of love and unity that flows within our collective and individual psyche, regardless of our gender. She is the destroyer of illusion and the healer of wounds. She is the ‘Goddess’ and the Spirit of Life.


"She is the Seer and her voice is one of immense insight, embodying the qualities of wisdom, love, intuition, understanding and compassion. She is our connection with Nature and our natural world. She is the means by which we are connected to Earth and all realms. She is grounded in Nature, deeply connected to the source of Life, and the speaker of the language of wisdom, balance and Love."  

~ Kamala


It is important to acknowledge that gender roles are fluid and everyone embodies a certain level of masculine and feminine characteristics. It completely depends on the person and there is great beauty in the range of ways that we express ourselves that may be labeled as “gender-based”. 


The vision is that we all heal our wounded aspects to evolve into a balanced place within ourselves, that is in alignment with our unique soul path and Higher Self. 


The Divine Feminine 

The Divine Feminine cultivates the beautiful characteristics that make up the Feminine Principle, and infuses them with sacred or divine purpose. Women and (even men) who seek to cultivate their Divine Feminine aspects are committed to developing more compassion, intuition, and gentleness. Here’s a more complete list:


Nurturing                               Procreative

Compassionate                       Life-giving

Soft                                      Sensitive

Forgiving                               Giving and giving

Non-judgmental                      Warm

Expanding                             Ultimately loving

Birth of all there is                   Ultimately powerful

Healing                                Intuitive

Receptive                              Emotional


The truest sense of the Divine Feminine is the purest innocence.


The Wounded Feminine

These attributes can be considered the Shadow Feminine also.

  • Shadow sides of the Feminine

    • Manipulative

    • Cold

    • Raging (or quietly Passive Aggressive)

    • Vindictive

    • Victim mindset

    • Dark Magic to control


  • Wounded Feminine: 

    • Emasculate their sons.

    • Can be angry at the father and take it out on the son.

    • Or mother is very distant from the father and seeks the male companionship from the son – stunting the son's individuation as he gets older.

More on the Wounded Feminine.

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