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The Great Mother loves us.

She yearns for us to reconnect with her. Our sacred Home, Earth, embodies the Great Mother energies and consciousness as Earth Mother, Mother Gaia, Mother Earth, Pachamama, Aluna and other Indigenous names depending on the culture. We are being called at this time to come home to Mother Gaia and the Great Mother to heal our beleaguered planet and ourselves. To bring wise balance within and beyond ourselves. We are the seeds of an amazing New Earth being born these days.

The Great Mother also comes to us through a wide group of Divine Feminine beings in different traditions and cultures. Christians know her as the Virgin Mary. Hindus worship her in differing forms embodying distinct aspects and energies of the Great Mother including Kali, Durga, Saraswati and more. The Judaic belief system upholds the great Wisdom and compassion of Sophia. Buddhists revere Kuan Yin/Avalokiteshvara and the 21 Taras.

Collectively these deities embody the Great Mother Divine Feminine consciousness that transcends all cultures as part of the Great Mystery. 
Some know her simply as "The Goddess".

Then there are the individual spiritual Divine Feminine beings in the omni-cosmic realms who have never graced our Sacred Earth. All of these beings source from a supremely compassionate and infinite Great Mother force in the universe that is not limited to any one culture or spiritual tradition.

She is the "Ma" - the Divine Feminine in her fullest glory, as the feminine aspect of Creation. She is quantum divine love and procreative energy, and so much beyond what words can describe. Some also call this Great Divine Mother - the "Creatrix".

And She is emerging these days in great and beautiful ways across our planet.

You are invited to connect in with the Great Divine Mother in whatever Divine Feminine spiritual manifestations who call to you -- and come together in Sacred Ceremony. We would love for you to have FUN dancing, playing, drumming and leading rituals serving Mother Gaia's Highest Good within your Sacred Circles as part of the 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid in your region  -- to help bring the Divine Feminine and Sacred Balance back into this wondrous, amazing planet we call Earth to help us collectively reach Full Ascension.


Osun from the IFA tradition

(artist unknown)



Several of the gifted Priestesses who led parts of the overall

ceremony at the 1000 Goddesses Gathering on the Washington Mall in 2018 were interviewed by Mare Cromwell, visionary and co-webweaver of the event and Grid. They offered a series of teachings on the specific Goddess that they have spiritually committed to serve and invoked at the event.

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