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Inspiration behind the
Sacred Balance Global Grid

The inspiration behind the Sacred Balance Global Grid was a request from Mother Gaia and a greater Spiritual Council to Gaia Mystic & High Priestess, Healer & Author, Mare Cromwell, in the fall of 2021. These are the same spiritual teams behind the 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid and the Great Mother Love Way -- which Mare leads.


Gratitude goes to Dennis Vessies, the visionary behind the Global Drums Gathering event on August 8th, 2021, who approached Mare in early fall 2021 to suggest another Global Grid of ceremonies to be held over the Spring Equinox weekend of 2022. This Global Grid would partner the 1000 Goddesses with the vast number of Drumming Circles from August, 2021, for a significant Unified Field of healing for humanity and the planet at large.


When Mare tuned in to Mother Gaia and Mother’s Councils for guidance, the clear message was for ceremonies bringing the Feminine and Masculine together for healing and balance all over the world. 


Photo of Mare Cromwell by Dennis Crews


The "Goddess" on the Spirit Realms is requesting that all women embodying the Goddess open up ceremonies to invite the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine forward at this time.


More Gratitude goes to Diana and Michael Melchizedek for the “Knighting Ritual” Vows they created and offered as an initiation for the Divine Masculine Committee at the 1000 Goddesses Gathering on the Washington Mall in October, 2018. The ceremony suggestions for this Global Grid include tweaked version of their original set of Vows.


There is a New Earth birthing presently and we are all being called to heal our woundedness to come back into the Love. Mother Gaia and her Councils want all to know they are here for us and are keen to support us in this time of Great Healing. 


May we all hear the call and know of the vast amount of spiritual support available to us, as we find the courage to heal – as this is the Time.



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