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Sacred Balance Global Grid
Spiritual Energy Report

Final Count –
31 nations and 116 Ceremonies
Registered or Reported

(with far more drum circles who participated
yet were not registered).

It is quite challenging to quantify or know everything which happens within all of Earth’s multi-dimensional planes from these Spiritual Global Grids which Mother Gaia asks Mare Cromwell to organize. This Spiritual Report from the Unified Field of the Sacred Balance Global Grid is an attempt to share some of what transpired that weekend, and continues to ripple out from it in the energy grids around the planet which influence all of us whether we are human, animal, plant, water and more. 


Also, this report sources from the experiences of a number of extraordinary shamans from various parts of the globe, along with some of my awarenesses. I send so much Love and Gratitude to these people whom I work closely with and their capacity to witness on the Spirit Plane all that they do.


Note: the Nature Spirit realms always have their own ceremonies on the Equinox and the Solstice around the globe so our Unified Field of ceremonies wove in with theirs’ in support of Mother Gaia and all of us. 


Nature Spirits

The whole pantheon of Nature Spirits were grateful to be invited to join in with the Sacred Balance Global Grid on the Spring Equinox. Their ceremonies within the Nature Spirit realms were quite festive and Mother Gaia was even dressed in a new and very fancy party dress. They had their own bonfires and some were sipping on hot chocolate. They have their own dance numbers while others are part of a choir all participating in the High Ceremonies they held. These ceremonies were boosting the energies of the areas where they are found in greater numbers such as forests, coastlines and wild backyards. The Water Elemental Queen was observed zig-zagging through the water like a happy mini torpedo having great fun!

Drumming Trolls

A week before the Unified Field, the Drumming Trolls specifically passed a message to the Dutch Nature Mystic, Cornelis Jan Cuperus, to encourage people to invite them to their ceremonies. These trolls are giants and the way they step foot on the earth is already transmutation.


Many people did call out to them for them to join. A professional musician in Australia felt his drum beat very differently as he called them in. They were both felt and seen in different parts of Europe too. Major planetary clearing of denser energies took place all over the world with their involvement. The network of drumming trolls connected all of us on a soul level, according to one shaman. It honestly meant “the world” to them that they were invited to join us!


Plus, the level of Drumming around the planet with the involvement of the Drumming Trolls created such a strong high-frequency vibration that it facilitated the entrance of more powerful spiritual beings to come into the planet’s multi-dimensional planes from off planet to help support Mother Gaia and the New Earth.


The Unicorns were invited to participate in the Global Grid also. Everywhere people were doing ceremony intentionally connected with the Unified Field, the Unicorns touched their horns on the meridians in the different parts of the bodies of those involved, lighting these meridians up, forming a grid within our bodies, helping to heal the wounded masculine and wounded feminine within us. They have their own energetic grid around the planet, a grid/web of forgiveness and love and they anchored us into this global grid – also to activate the healing of our inner masculine and feminine. 


The Unicorns want the human realms to know that anyone who is ready to heal their wounded masculine and feminine, can call on the unicorns to be taken to their grid of forgiveness and love for beautiful energetic support. 

Fosta & Foseti in Friesland, Netherlands

Weeks prior to the day of the Unified Field, a pair of a Friesian Goddess and God who have merged into One being, Fosta & Foseti, came forward to the gifted Dutch Nature Mystic, Cornelis Jan Cuperus, requesting that they be the focus of the Sacred Balance Global Grid ceremony that Cornelis was planning. They also spiritually approached Chantal Elzinga who is a close friend of Cornelis Jan. Cornelis Jan and Chantal co-led their ceremony invoking these powerful deities, and the divine energies were anchored deeply into the earth.

More Healing Energies

One shaman observed golden - yellow energies washing over the earth. And a woman on the Potomac River (outside of Washington D.C. between Virginia and Maryland) witnessed lots of BIG wind coming through while they doing ceremony. Also, she shared that she had searing and debilitating bone pain in her low back and pelvis all weekend but it dissolved when the grid ended!

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