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Beyond Binary to the Oneness

The organizers of the Sacred Balance Global Grid wish to honor and express deep love toward all who identify beyond the Binary terms of “Feminine” or “Masculine”. 


The intent of this Global Grid is to bring healing forward across the planet, regardless of gender, race, socioeconomic status or any other ways that we may fall under the illusion of separation as humans on our Sacred Earth. 


Mother Gaia and the Spiritual Councils behind the Sacred Balance Global Grid (and the 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid) have the deepest Quantum Divine Love for all beings, absolutely all. There is no place for judgement within the realms of their Love. 


Our dominant Western Culture is in need of great, great Healing. The purpose of this Global Grid is to be a catalyst for healing inviting all of us to rise up into our Highest Selves. 


To this end, we invite all to join us in ceremony regardless of your binary or non-binary identification. We are a collective human population that is being called to transcend the separation. 


There will come a time in the future when all we know is Love for each other and all that is around us, as we evolve into a Oneness overflowing with Quantum Divine Love.


The Sacred Balance Global Grid is planting the seeds for this. 


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