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Why the 
Sacred Balance Global Grid?

These are the times of Great Awakening & Healing. Most people are aware we must shift our unsustainable societal trajectory founded upon centuries of wounded masculine/ patriarchal systems. These imbalanced systems, which include wounded feminine patterns, have created great suffering for far too long.     


The purpose of this Sacred Balance Global Grid is to create an energetic network of ceremonies invoking Spirit and Gaia to help the human realms bring the sacred energetics of Balance between the Feminine and the Masculine back into our hearts. 


In particular, we are being invited to make personal vows to heal into our individual Divine Masculine & Feminine selves.  The energies of our collective ceremonies will weave a revitalizing web of healing for all on our Sacred Earth.


This web will extend throughout the physical and multi-dimensional realms as we re-member our dormant “knowing” of Balance to help Birth the New Earth.


This Global Grid is also calling for Sacred Balance between the Races, socioeconomic strata … and … within our own beings to cultivate wholeness. All non-binary people are most welcome to join to honor their innate wisdom of inner balance. 


Few people realize how powerful pure-hearted ceremony can be, especially a Global Field of ceremonies. Many women who participated in the 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid in 2021 reported on the beautiful spiritual shifts they felt due to the significant Unified Divine Feminine Field that was activated that weekend. 


   This Unified Field supported by the Quantum Divine Love of the Spiritual Realms will help usher in the New Earth. 

   Simple ceremony suggestions and vows are found on this page.  

All are invited to participate!


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