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About the Masculine
“The masculine principle … is more interested in the outer, the mental, exterior form, idea, the movement or action of things, the naming and differentiation of things one from another; solar clarity of individual things, as it were, as opposed to the relationship of one thing to another. It prefers the ascent of mind to the descent of soul. It often moves toward “agency” and action before relationship or intimacy. Just watch little boys play, and watch how men love to fix, build, and also demolish. It is often a more “focused consciousness” than the “diffuse awareness” of the feminine principle, as Carl Jung noted…”

Adapted from Richard Rohr 


As mentioned on the "About the Feminine" page, it is important to acknowledge that gender roles are fluid and everyone embodies a certain level of masculine and feminine characteristics. It completely depends on the person and there is great beauty in the range of ways that we express ourselves that may be labeled as “gender-based”. 


The vision is that we heal our wounded aspects to evolve into a balanced place within ourselves, that is in alignment with our unique soul path and Higher Self. 


The Divine Masculine

These are masculine principles, which when infused with a sense of sacredness or divinity, can be truly glorious ways for men to bring forward their divine selves.


Protecting                               More physically oriented

Exploring                                Aggressive

Hierarchical                            Powerful

Macho                                    Mechanistic

Logical                                    Heroic

Reason-based                        Linear-thinking



According to Sunyata Satchitananda 

  • The Divine Masculine represents a spiritual, psychological, archetypal ideal—the best and most inspiring, elevating, and restorative aspects of masculine expression and manifestation in the universe. “He”—along with the Divine Feminine—exists on a transpersonal, universal level that manifests through an individual’s psyche and becomes thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.


  • Teal Swan brings it more down to Earth:

    • Divine masculine represents action, direction, movement, responsibility, strength, focus, fatherhood, the sun, generosity, encouragement, material abundance, clarity, intellect, transformation and growth. 

    • The divine masculine is what is going to support the birth process of the new earth, which is being brought into manifestation by divine feminine. Thus, the new earth is a co-creation that depends on divine feminine and divine masculine both coming into its full respective power.

  • Divine Masculine - Heart-Centered masculinity

    • King

    • Warrior

    • Magician

    • Lover

    • All invoking the energy of the Heart.


  • “Neo-Men’s Movement” – Men’s groups

    • New Warrior Training – ManKind Project

    • Good Man Journal

    • Robert Bly’s work – Minnesota Men’s Conference


  • Longest journey is from the Head to the Heart.

  • Men can be soulful and strong… 


The Wounded Masculine 

Shadow aspects of the masculine – 

  • Controlling

  • Violently physical

  • Overly intellectual

  • More – 


Within Western Culture – the Masculine Shadow is behind:

  • Greed

  • Wholesale environmental destruction, loss of forests globally, contamination of waterways, wholesale mining, mountaintop removal

  • Child prostitution

  • Incest, abuse… etc.

  • No heart, no compassion 

  • L.R. Heartsong – non-feeling, adolescent, pathological shadow Masculine.


The call for the Divine Masculine stems from the reality that our Western Culture has been under the control of the Wounded/Shadow Masculine for centuries.

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